Saturday, April 4, 2009

MLS Week 3: Galaxy 2-3 Colorado

The defensive breakdowns were bad enough, but I think that's understandable with a very young defense. Gonzalez did well 90% of the time, unfortunately, the other 10% was when we gave up 3 goals. Even so, I like Omar.

The real problem in my book was midfield. Not a single pass beyond the 2/3rds mark. Dema and Tudela are doing a good job of winning the ball, but neither one of them has been distributing particularly effectively. Today, not at all.

If Galaxy are going to play this 4-4-2, which essentially turns into a 4-2-4 when we attack, then Klein and Lewis* are going to have to pinch in a lot more and not play as wide to provide easy outlets for Dema-Josh, rather than relying on the overhead pass to the corners.

Even so, some basic passing drills are in order for the midfield. Next week is going to be hell if Galaxy come out looking the way they did tonight.

*Another point, if Lewis was ready to go, he should have started at left mid and AJ De La Garza should have started at left back. Eddie Lewis shouldn't play left back, our back-line is slow enough as is.

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