Sunday, April 19, 2009

Doing Things Right

Today's post San Jose vs. Los Angeles game article from has a lot of interesting quotes from the Galaxy standpoint.

I've been reading the post-game pressers and interviews lately and I think the one guy who seems to "get it" is Landon Donovan.

Often, with so many rookies, you get the feeling that a good number of them have a hard time assessing the team's situation, and are just happy to be here.

From new "reinforcement" type players, you'll often get the "we want to do our part and contribute" quotes.

I think this is generally true of most teams. With Alan Gordon and Landon Donovan though, you tend to get more 'bigger picture' comments. I believe that has to do 100% with the fact that they have been around since 2005 and have seen the team go from Champions to the mess we've been seeing recently. In short, they've really "seen it all" with this club.

Gordon doesn't get interviewed as often, so Donovan's usually the one that's delivering these gems, which in turn, make Donovan's "soccer IQ" seem quite high.

Today's quote from Landon:

"We're doing almost everything right. We've got to stop spotting teams a goal early. (San Jose) didn't have a lot of chances and it's unfortunate that we gave them such an easy one. Our play, in the run of play was good. We were very good defensively, we were good on set pieces. We keep going, and the wins are going to come."

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