Monday, November 19, 2007

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

The Unprotected

Here's a case by case look at each of the players L.A. left unprotected for the 2007 MLS Expansion Draft for the San Jose Earthquakes, including my predictions of what the likelyhood of each of these lads being drafted by Frank Yallop & Co.

Cronin, Steve -- There are more attractive options at keeper on the other lists. Expect Yallop to pass on Cronin. Low.

Caso, Mike -- Didn't even get as much playing time as Randolph or Tudela. Unless this kid has a secret that only he and Yallop know about, I don't see him going anywhere. Low.

Friesz, Lance -- See above. Low.

Glinton, Gavin -- He kept the team in the fight with goals in critical moments last year. I'm surprised to see him on the list and not Edson Buddle. I'm certain Yallop will look at his name a few times before making a decision. High.

Gordon, Alan -- Highly doubtful that Frank Yallop will take Gordon. See above. Low.

Gray, Kelly -- It's hard to tell exactly who it was thea brought Kelly Gray into the team. Grey never really gained regularity with the team, and a couple of nice runs aside didn't do much to draw attention to himself. I'd say Yallop might be tempted to take him, but will look for other options, especially at that position. Medium.

Harmse, Kevin -- If I had to guess, I'd say this is who Yallop will want. Harmse came to this team because of Yallop. High.

Martino, Kyle -- Martino is good, but not that good. Whether he goes or stays, I expect him to be warming some bench next season. Nevertheless, it is an attractive option for Yallop. Medium.

Mathis, Clint -- Could this be the reason why Clint Mathis was brought in? I doubt it, but we'll have to wait and see. ???

Tudela, Josh -- Turned out to be a daring little midfielder, but I don't think Yallop will pick him when there are other options at defensive midfielder from this Galaxy lot. Low

Vagenas, Peter -- Can't imagine Pete playing for the archrivals, but I can imagine Yallop picking him anyway. Yallop trusted Pete with a lot of starts in midfield, and Pete is one of those guys who seems to get along well with coaches and do all that they ask. Medium.

Veris, Kyle -- Looked promising early in '06, but when he was thrown into the fire later in that year and during the '07 campaign, he's been disappointing. Low

Xavier, Abel -- Probably thrown in this list because he's the type of guy who will say "LA or bust" and choose to return to Europe should he be selected. Low

The Cup Comes Home in 2008

MLS just announced that the 2008 MLS Cup Final will be played in Carson, California on the beautiful Victoria Street Stadium. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for both Los Angeles based clubs to reach the finals and play for the highest honor in US Soccer in front of their home crowds.


FMF Quarterfinals Set

Weds & Saturday
Cruz Azul - Atlante
San Luis - Guadalajara

Thurs & Sunday
Morelia - Santos
UNAM - Toluca

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