Friday, November 16, 2007

CONCACAF Champions League

Nick Green said in his blog that in the latest CONCACAF meeting, the suits decided to replace the current CONCACAF competition that takes place in January with a Champions League that would begin in August of 09.

From the starting date, I think it's safe to assume that CONCACAF is going to make this competition a group stage + knock out, home-and-home type deal similar to the European version.

3 quick problems:

1) It would screw Mexico over, as they would probably mandate that the champions play in this rather than the SuperLiga as Mexican clubs are already screwed out of the Libertadores because they have to play CONCACAF Champions Cup.

2) If it's running from August to May[?] it will obviously clash with MLS' calendar, and you'll see a single competition be played across 2 seasons of MLS and a single MLS Season will contain both the end of one year's cup and the start of the following year's. This would also make a team qualify to a tournament that would not be played until a year later.

3) Looking beyond these obvious obstacles that CONCACAF has obviously ignored, 24 teams? Are you kidding me? Where the hell are we going to get 24 teams from?

If we play pretend for a second, I can see an expansion of the SuperLiga working with 16 teams.

Category A
4 FMF Clubs - Champions and Runners Up for both the fall and spring tournaments
4 MLS Clubs - Champion, 3 highest point totals

Category B
2 Honduran Clubs - Champion + Runner Up
2 Costa Rican Clubs - Champion + Runner Up

Category C
1 Jamaican Club - Champion
1 T&T Club - Champion
1 Guatemalan Club - Champion
1 Salvadorean Club - Champion

Then you split the groups into quartets including: 1 Mexican, 1 American, 1 Category B, and 1 Category C

Obviously, the question then becomes, what will clubs get out of this competition other than just a chance to participate in an international competition?

Yes, there's the ticket to the World Club Cup, but what will the financial rewards be, etc. etc. etc.

Seems like yet another bad idea from CONCACAF [albeit with good intentions]

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