Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's Gullit

I could join the he-said-she-said that seems to be drugging the Galaxy faithful lately, but I'd rather not. Instead, I'll just list my 5 expectations for newly appointed Galaxy manager, Ruud Gullit:

1. Sexy Football -- Sorry Ruud, your phrase, not mine. I expect Galaxy to win [duh!] but hopefully we can win playing offensive football that'll have the home support at the edge of their seats. Nothing wrong with going on a long win streak a-la Frank Yallop before choking in Chicago, but winning by 1-0 off a PK, and with less than 5 shots total [1 or 2 on target] isn't really much fun.

2. No Excuses -- I hate hearing managers groan about things that are bugging them AFTER games. Yallop waited until after they were losing the games on hand to complain about the backloaded schedule which we ALL saw coming. If you have an issue with something, speak out right away or take it like a man.

3. Challenge the Team -- I've played FIFA 08, I know it says Jazic and Pavon are starters. I think it's safe to say most know that Randolph and Gordon [or a new forward] would be better options. Make the players win their spots.... each and every week.

4. A Little Heart -- And by a little, I mean a lot. Nothing kills me more than seeing a coach who stands at the sidelines cross armed through a goal for or a goal against as if they're indifferent to the whole mess. Everytime I looked at Yallop on the bench, I felt sorry for the guy, as if his mother had just passed away... after having passed away last weekend, and the weekend before that. Just take some pride in your work.

5. Trade Pete -- Pete is the nicest guy in the world, seems like a humble down to earth type, but he's been steadily getting worse with each season. I'm still having a hard time figuring out how his nickname in certain circles went from Pistol Pete to Passback Pete.

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