Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shades of Blue & White

In Martin Roger's column for Yahoo! sports, he talks about Tim Leiweke's vision for this club. Leiweke's attitude is perhaps best summarized in one line:

"I want everyone in the league to be envious of us, on and off the pitch"

Thinking about this quote, and looking at what Galaxy have done, I began thinking about the other team of historically loveable losers that I support. CF Pachuca.

In 1995, the current President and ownership group took control of the team.
In 1999, the team [having come from the 2nd division] wins its first title in history.
In 2001, the team wins its second title [from the 8th place position]
In 2003, the team wins its THIRD title.

Between 2003 and 2006 though, the team launched an impressive marketing campaign that would be the delight of most marketing professors. It wasn't just advertising. It was remodeling the stadium, opening the first Football University, opening the Tuzo Plaza shopping mall, etc. etc. etc.

But during those 3 years, Pachuca's results on the field suffered, at one point even finishing dead last on the table by a wide margin. Had it not been for Mexico's strange relegation system, the Tuzos would have surely returned to the promotion division.

At that point, Jesus Martinez [President] and Andres Fassi [Director of Football] both said 'enough' and decided it was time to put the Tuzos back on track. Having completed their ambitions projects, they set out to accomplish that which a football team is supposed to do: Win.

Since 2006, the Tuzos have won: 2 Domestic titles, 1 CONCACAF Champions Cup, and 1 [very painful] SuperLiga

Interestingly enough, AEG has followed a similar timeline.

In 1998, AEG bought Galaxy.
In 2002, the team accomplished its first MLS Cup title.
In 2005, the team won another [from the 8th place position]

After two years, Leiweke and company are apparently ready to return to the field.

Could it be?

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