Saturday, December 1, 2007

Omar "Small Pond" Bravo

Chivas' version of Real Madrid's Raul doesn't seem to pack the same punch when it comes to the games that really matter.

Despite being one of the most consistent Mexican scorers today, and having captured the scorers' title last season, Bravo seems to come up short when the games require him to bulk up.

In all the playoffs he's participated in, Bravo has a miserable lone goal, and his most memorable moment perhaps came last Wednesday. During a run in the box, the Atlante defender stretched out his hand attempting to push Bravo, but failed to make contact. That was no obstacle though, as Bravo made the best of it and flopped like a fish out of water to earn his team a PK. (Despite the 1-0 lead in the first leg, Chivas was unable to advance to the finals, and Bravo was again a no-show.)

Same goes for the Mexican National Team, where Bravo has been inefficient and unsuccessful.

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