Monday, November 5, 2007

Yallop Resigns

I find it troubling that Frank Yallop walked away from the job after, as far as I understand, he had been given the green light to continue with the team.

As good a coach as Yallop has proven to be in the past, it seems fairly certain now that the gig as the Galaxy head coach was too big for him. Time after time during his brief stay here in L.A. he put forth excuse after excuse.

Last season he focused on the USOC, probably thinking we had lost too many games under Sampson to make up and get to the playoffs. He loses in THAT final, and then he tries to push for the playoffs. He misses the playoffs, then blames the USOC by saying something along the lines of "We won a couple of games in the USOC, if those would've been league games we would've been in the playoffs."

This year he focuses on the SuperLiga realizing we've lost too many points to get to the playoffs. He loses in THAT final, and then tries to push for the playoffs.

He takes the team to the final game versus Chicago, and says that despite having a couple of guys back from injury, he's going to stick with the one that brought him and play the same 11. After the loss, he says that those guys were tired -- question, Frank: If they're tired, why would you start them again?

I'm glad Frank Yallop is gone, and am eagerly awaiting the announcement regarding who will replace him.

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