Friday, December 14, 2007

Free For All Friday

We Demand Equality

As I reported last week, Club America and the FMF met regarding their treatment in CONMEBOL tournaments. FMF was very clear in its position: They want to receive equal treatment in CONMEBOL tournaments. FMF wishes to be treated as a participant rather than an invitee which would most significantly enable Mexican sides to host return legs, among other things. It remains to be seen how CONMEBOL will take this request from Mexican sides. FEMEXFUT did threaten to "reconsider" their participation in this tournament if these conditions are not met. We'll have to see what CONMEBOL says to this...

A Mexican in Manchester!!!

But it's not Guillermo Ochoa, and it's not Manchester United. After a 6 month spell at Shakhtar Donetsk, Mexican striker Nery Castillo is on the move to Manchester City. This is part of a 1 year loan to the EPL side. Nery wanted to go to Eastlands back in August, but his falling out with Olympiakos staff screwed him over. Hopefully Castillo will get more playing time, and he'll be one of four Mexican strikers playing in Europe along with Giovanni Dos Santos, Carlos Vela and...

There's Only Juan Carlos Cacho

The Tuzos' big front tooth has apparently received offers from a Bundesliga side yet unnamed. Along with the offer for JCC, there's also speculation about another offer for midfield motor Jaime Correa. Both of these players have played key roles for Hugo Sanchez, especially in the Copa America. Cacho replaced Omar Bravo in the attack, and with Pavel Pardo apparently falling out of favor with Hugo, Jaime Correa took over the midfield.

Colorado and Kansas City Want Jared

Borgetti is out of contract at Cruz Azul and looking at his offers. The all-time leading scorer for El Tri is apparently hoping to stay in Mexico, but has begun talking to MLS about offers from Colorado and Kansas City. I don't see how things would work out in KC with him and Eddie Johnson up front, but I can definitely see this working out for Colorado if they get him and Cooke on the same page. Borgetti made himself famous with header goals off of crosses from "El Pony" Ruiz at Santos. That relationship with an assist-man is something he's never gotten back.

Ahi Se Veron

With a very touching story about his 'change of heart' Juan Sebastian Veron has officially said "Thanks, but no thanks" to a deal linking him to DC United. Veron said the offer was tempting, and he would advise others to take it in his place, but that his happiness at Estudiantes was more important to him.

Something Special

Wow, I really hate the offseason. Not much to talk about. Well, at least not until the transfer season... then we'll be cooking.
For the time being, I plan on having 'something special' for this blog soon... I'll keep you updated.


That's all for this edition of Free For All Friday. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Until next time...

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